It’s funny what you come across when scrolling down far enough through your photos on Facebook. I happened to stumble upon a few old, almost forgotten memories of when Michael had just finished his scaffold safety course and was asked to set up a climbing wall and sponsor a few grips at Waterval Boven for the Boven Mountain Festival. For those of you who don’t know, Waterval Boven (Boven) is one of South Africa’s top climbing destinations, attracting numerous international visitors each year.

Think slack-lines, hammocks and coffee (and BEER)

On the very first day, while setting up the climbing wall, Michael busted his finger between a rubber mullet and a fence dropper, nevertheless, it’s safe to say that the injury had no influence of how the rest of the weekend went. Seeing a bunch of hippy-climbers enjoying themselves was really entertaining. Some of the climbers were really serious about the climbing competition while others drank a little too much beer the first night there, slept in and went climbing for the fun of it. We were part of the second group of course… We hiked to the first climbing spot were the guys enjoyed climbing cool routes for the first time. (I’m not a big climber for two reasons, one of them being that I’m scared of heights and the other is that I’m sort of built like a juvenile praying mantis) This being said, having the opportunity of being out in nature is enough to convince me to join in on the trip and maybe even try a route.

That night was prize giving. I can’t really remember everything that went down, but what I can remember was that after prize giving, the organisers placed all of the sponsored SiekStick Grips into a pile. They gave the climbers a countdown and off they went, grabbing as many as their hands could carry; others even used their T-Shirts as big nets, scooping up as many grips as they could – what a sight.

Seemingly insignificant adventures

For me, the best part of the weekend trip was the little adventure we went on the following day before going home. We drove to Waterfall Onder and started hiking towards the waterfall. When we heard the waterfall excitement really set in and walking though the tall grass was a breeze; feeling the mist of the waterfall on your skin, its hypnotising deep blue colour… beautiful! Especially when taking into consideration that we’re generally surrounded by traffic and city dust. This little adventure almost felt like a reward for sticking it out in the city for so long. After drinking some percolator coffee the guys decided to hike up behind the waterfall – it was really funny seeing this row of tiny bodies that, for some reason, reminded me of Snow White’s seven dwarves. And so, with a quick photograph the weekend came to an end. One of those weekends that at the time, seemed like just another weekend, but as time goes on becomes more special.


Rock Climbing at Waterval Boven

Rock climbing at Waterval Boven

Chilling at the Waterfall in Boven

Chilling at the Waterfall in Boven