We are stoked to publish our first ever SiekStick Grips blog post. In this post we cover what SiekStick Grips is all about, why we do what we do and some cool inside info for the climbers of Pretoria.

The evolution of SiekStick Grips

It started when the climbing bug bit a group of friends and being a bit obsessed, they decided to build a “DIY” boulder cave in one of their buddies’ bedrooms. Construction lasted a few weeks and when it was time to buy climbing holds, they couldn’t find any that they really liked. So after saving up some cash, they bought the necessary equipment and created a few climbing holds for the hell of it.

Needless to say, SiekStick Grips started out as an experiment ended up being a career choice. Fast forward 5 years and you’ll find friends Michael and Christopher casting grips in a cluttered garage. It was after lots of trial and error, and wanting to quit to more than a few times, that Michael finally developed a product and range of holds that he was proud of providing to the climbing community.

“To see the climbing community in South Africa grow”

SiekStick Grips (SSG) manufactures Urethane climbing holds for both indoor and outdoor climbing use. Every grip is hand-shaped with the utmost attention to detail as to fit the needs of climbers and climbing gyms. At the end of the day it’s our mission to provide our clients with stronger, more durable and lightweight climbing holds that inspire the climbing community in South Africa to grow and be accessible to everyone.

What makes SiekStick Grips the best in South Africa?

  •  Every grip is made from high-quality urethane.
  • Our holds are stronger and more durable than the polyester counterparts.
  • Our larger holds are hollow-back making them lighter than conventional jugs.
  • We don’t make use of fillers as they weaken the product making them more prone to breakage.
  • Our grips are non-toxic, perfect for children’s jungle gyms.
  • They are vibrant and colourful (who wants dull looking routes?)
  • The feel of our climbing holds are nice and sticky, which is exactly what you want.
  • The lightweight design makes our grips easy for route setters to work with.

Climbing in Pretoria

There are only two indoor climbing spots in Pretoria – one of which is The Barn out in the Mooiplaats area. If it sounds far, don’t worry as it’s only about a 7km drive from the corner of the Lynwood and Solomon Mahlangu intersection. It has some impressive climbing routes set up that both the experienced and untrained climber will enjoy. So, if you’re looking to experience something new, get active without dressing up and going to the gym, or simply in the mood to have a good time – this is the place for you.

The best news by far has to be the fact that The Barn has just opened up a sick new bouldering section (with some fresh holds) – so watch this space!